About Us

HiLife is a donation platform that empowers people to help others and earn high income to overcome hardships and enjoy their lives.

Our Goal

We provide technology and humanity in hilife to spread kindness and happiness all around the world and say good bye to hardship and poverty.


We’re building a better financial world.


The key point for your success is helping to each other as a team.

Peer to Peer

Donations will be sent directly to members. There is no fees to HiLife.


All automatical transactions are paid in Bitcoin and use Blockchain.info


Spillover helps HiLifers to grow faster and easier.

How We Works

HiLife is an online fundraising platform that is based on 2x3 kindness matrix. After registaration an account:

  • You will have to upgrade to Level 1 (0.03 BTC) to enter into the matrix.
  • The 2 member you refer will pay you 0.03 (Total 0.06).
  • These 2 members like you will bring 2 members under you and the process goes on earning you a total 1.20 BTC.

NOTE: You are NOT going to sent money to the HiLife and HiLife is NOT going to send money to you. HiLife is just a system that helps you to manage your team and transactions without extra fees.

More information

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APP & Tools

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Android APP

You can manage your HiLife team on your smartphone.
Coming soon

Telegram Bot

Get to know more about HiLife in telegram bot.
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Bitcoin Converter

You can manage your HiLife team on your smartphone.

Online Meetings

We use ZOOM website and app to hold our meetings.
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Our vision

  • To finish the poverty in the world.
  • To help our friends to be rich.
  • To make the world better place.
  • Building a better financial world

Our Goals

  • Improving donation.
  • Finishing scam websites like HYIP.
  • Starting peer to peer donation.
  • Starting following our dreams.
  • Experiencing success together.

Our Strategy

  • Kindness Matrix 2x3
  • Use Spillover Option
  • Use Bitcoin
  • Spend: 0.03 BTC
  • Receive: 1.20 BTC
  • “ A leader is someone who demonstrates what's possible.”

    Mark YarnellAuthor, Network Marketing
  • “ Thank You Hi Life Family for create this plataform to help people around the world, here in Argentina we can help a lot of people to change lives”

    Angel Andres Arri Leader of Argentina
  • “ The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. ”

    Albert SchweitzerTheologian
  • “ Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

    Les BrownAuthor
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